Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorry for the delay

From here on out I'll be posting and updating things regularly. I was in Ames Iowa this weekend at an ultimate frisbee tournament. I got way behind on school work and decided that I should neglect the blog for a while. It didn't really help. I play for a team called One Trick Pony. Check us out if you want! Here's a picture of the team from October 2008:

I'm going to separate this blog into three main sections. I'll have little updates throughout; but I want to focus on diabetes globally, health and nutrition, and entertainment. Tomorrow I will have the first installment of my Famous Friday section. I'll be highlighting a famous personality, be it celebrity, athlete, or politician who has diabetes. There are more diabetics out there than you might think. We are not alone!

Shout-out to my mom: here are some diabetes basics

Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Polydipsia- excessive thirst
  • Polyuria- constant or excessive urination
  • physical exhaustion, people feel more tired than normal
  • sweet-smelling urine
  • eventual weight loss
  • I get irritable very quickly (sorry)
  • I get tired at weird times
  • The world seems sort of fuzzy
  • I get head aches
  • Not noticeable right away

  • My body feel heavy, especially my legs
  • I get lethargic
  • I zone out, lose focus/attention
  • I feel like my strength is gone
  • Very noticeable

I had all of these symptoms. But like I said, I was in denial. So, thank you mom for being a mom. You were on my back for those early months in 2008. I didn't appreciate it then, but I do now. Hopefully you will check in on this blog periodically just so you can stay in the "know" about me.

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