Monday, October 26, 2009

Time Crunch

I'm in kind of a time crunch right now. I have a Anthropology test tomorrow morning and am posting this short one in between bouts of studying and banging my head on my softest wall. Tomorrow I am going to post a pretty substantial listing about Halloween candy/costumes/and carbohydrates. (It's not going to be pretty)

But this upcoming weekend I will not be in the blog-o-sphere. I put up a picture of my club frisbee team, One Trick Pony

the other week. We've actually been pretty busy with our season this Fall. We officially began our season last May and have battled through the West Plains Sectional and Central Division Regional tournaments to qualify for the UPA National Club Championships this upcoming weekend. It's an annual event held in Sarasota Florida that brings together the top 16 teams from around the country. One Trick Pony is a co-ed team in the Mixed Division. We currently have the 6th rank spot!!

If you would like to follow our progress or learn more about the sport in general you can check out the Ultimate Player's Association's website.

Til, tomorrow!

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