Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day Woes

Holidays just aren't kind to my diabetic brothers and sisters. Turkey, STUFFING, POTATOES, BREAD, corn, green beans, PUMPKIN PIE, APPLE PIE. Everything in caps there is loaded with carbohydrates.


If you're like me and really enjoy stuffing and just about anything else that belongs on a Thanksgiving spread, the holiday challenge of maintaining good glucose numbers can get daunting. Here are some things you can do to help keep those levels under control:

Eat a light lunch with little to no carbs in it.
Fill up double portions of green beans and turkey.
Limit mashed potatoes and stuffing to one serving.
Use that low carb bread I mentioned earlier for the stuffing.
Definitely one serving of dessert. (Check the ADA or DLife website for diabetic friendly recipes)

Just as a personal test I decided to take my blood sugar before I ate and after I ate. My instructions for insulin injection were 15-30 minutes before or after a meal. So I decided to do this injection 30 minutes after and check what my glucose levels were.

*DISCLAIMER I do not regularly do this, nor would I recommend this to any other diabetic. It was purely for self-education.

My sugar level before I started eating was 123. 30 minutes after eating, it was 254. Yes, I know, that's humongous. But I controlled my little experiment and took the appropriate amount of insulin. One hour after injecting myself, it was back down to 105. Fast acting insulin works. Fast!

So anyway, eat smart this holiday. Root for the Cowboys! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

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